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  • Nonplussed with Google +1

    Nonplussed with Google +1

    The first time I read the Google announcement about +1 I thought “what an awesome April Fool’s joke.” Sure, Google was a little early this year with their April Fool’s joke. But it’s a big one so let’s everyone do please play along. And it’s...

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  • Yahoo Search Direct

    Yahoo Search Direct

    Yahoo rolled out Yahoo Search Direct yesterday, its rival to Google Instant. Yahoo says that its service is focused on providing actual answers, while Google’s version of instant results is focused on links. Search Direct is live on and other U.S. Yahoo search properties,...

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  • SEO Best Practices: Search Engine Friendly URLs

    SEO Best Practices: Search Engine Friendly URLs

    Convention wisdom suggests that you can attract more bees with honey. When it comes to organic search engine optimization, nothing attracts search engine spiders like crawler-friendly URLs. What qualities do most search engine-friendly URLs possess? Generally speaking, most search engine-friendly URLs: Describe the content on...

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