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    Google, Who? Siri, What? Watch Amazon for Search Innovations

    As a tenured (19-year veteran) digital search marketer, I think we spend way (way) too much time focusing all of our attention on Google. The future of search innovation lies elsewhere. I believe, as do many others, that Google is at the apex of its...

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  • Handy Tool for Google TNP Tracking

    Handy Tool for Google TNP Tracking

    Google started hoarding data back in 2011 under the guise of “privacy” issues for users What was originally forecast to represent about 8% of keyword data is now encroaching on 75 percent, with B2B sites skewing higher than B2C. More recently,Google changed its keyword research...

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  • Going Inside Google Search Updates

    Going Inside Google Search Updates

    It’s important to remember that some of the biggest changes in Google search results were not named all named after animals. As a matter of fact, some major changes in Google search algorithms this year have been named after nothing at all. When analyzing Google’s...

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  • The Real 2010 ‘Search Events’

    The Real 2010 ‘Search Events’

    I’m not a fan of real housewives, real New Jerseyites, or made-for-tv real life dramas. So it’s a bit odd that I would title this post The Real 2010 ‘Search Events’ and actually mean it, or for that matter, expect anyone else to read it....

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  • Less is the New More, More or Less?

    Less is the New More, More or Less?

    It’s always interesting to watch some of the broader trends in search engine referrals. One of the more recent, and certainly more interesting developments in search engine usage, has to be that less is the new more. At least that’s what Coremetrics is reporting when...

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