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The Future of Paid and Organic Local Search

In this blog post from iProspect, learn what the future holds for local search performance marketing in 2017 and beyond. Learn about Getting Local Search Right in New Orleans. For more, join us as the iP Summit this April in New Orleans. You’ll be glad you did.

Some of iProspect’s thoughts on local search beyond 2017 might be surprising, but all of our expertise is actionable. Are you making the most of your performance marketing strategies for local search? Let’s get started today.

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Mobile Beacons:
Near-Me Miss or Near-Term Hit?

What do you think when you think of beacons?

Sometimes, I think of the scene from Lord of the Rings when Gondor sends an unintentional signal to Rohan asking them for military aid. In the scene, a beacon is a fire or light set up in a high or prominent position and acts as both a warning and a signal for assistance.

Other times, I think of the days when a lonely lighthouse keeper would keep a light burning as a warning signal for even lonelier mariners at sea to help guide them through a turbulent sea.

In actuality, mobile beacons now look like oddly shaped bubble gum-like devices that are stuck on walls, beckoning you — the lonely mobile shopper — to come and buy something you desire.

In this article I wrote for Search Engine Watch, I take a look at Apple iOS9 and how it could impact the holiday sales season. Please consider reading the entire article and join in the conversation today: Are beacons the most disruptive force in mobile search?

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Google, Who? Siri, What? Watch Amazon for Search Innovations

As a tenured (19-year veteran) digital search marketer, I think we spend way (way) too much time focusing all of our attention on Google. The future of search innovation lies elsewhere. I believe, as do many others, that Google is at the apex of its search market share. There is no room to move up — only downward or outward into other spaces.

This week, Apple officially confirmed it has a web crawler, which will likely be used to power Siri, Spotlight and Apple Watch search functionality some day soon. While this news is indeed exciting, I wanted to spend some time looking at other major players in search. Consider Amazon as a change engine, driving search innovations from a completely different perspective than Google. Please read my entire article at Search Engine WatchThe Amazon Change Engine

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How to Work When Nothing Seems to Work

SEO, like any business relationship, requires strategic thinking on many different levels. Flexibility is critical when it comes to serving challenging customers, although our first response to resistance is usually rigidity and pushback – it’s only human. Once we move past these initial reactions, it’s important to determine whether it’s time to really listen to the client, or change the way you communicate with internal and external team members.

Learn how to make even the toughest clients want the same results that you do. Remember that the drive to strategic success in search is often wrought with missed connections.

Read the entire article at Search Engine Watch:
How to Work When Nothing Seems to Work

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Six Ways to Make Your Search Results Shine

Google Knowledge Graph is consistently presenting new opportunities to produce enhanced listings in on its search results pages. Forget about ranking above the fold among 10-blue links. Your content can leap off page-one results – if you are willing to invest a little time learning how to understand search query intent and implement structured markup across your website.

Example of Knowledge Graph Search Results for Madison, Wis.

Structured markup provides Event details, as well as location and Knowledge Graph information.

You too can improve your business’ search results using structured markup to be highly visible in the Google Knowledge Graph. Learn which structured markup objects can give your website the most bank for its digital buck.

Read the entire article at Search Engine Watch:
6 Ways to Make Your Search Results Shine

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