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  • Where-the-Search-Frequency-SEO

    Where is the Search?

    Take a brief walk through an abridged history of search in order to better understand how the engines have whetted digital marketers’ appetites for organic search results over the years. SEO does not state for Search Engine Optimization anymore. In 2014 and beyond SEO stands...

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  • Dark-Side-Frequency-Search

    Gone to the Dark Side of SEO?

    Content creation budget got you down? Build in new economic efficiencies by using the exact same content across as many domains as your budget can spawn. Invest in machine-generated content instead of having to listen to those troublesome user reviews. Make “Spamglish” the official language...

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  • Overreaching Over Optimization Penalties?

    Overreaching Over Optimization Penalties?

    It is true that when I first read about Google’s warnings for its forthcoming over-optimization penalty I checked the calendar to make certain it wasn’t April 1. Reassured that the idea of an over-optimization penalty was not some sort of bad April Fool’s gag, it...

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  • Google 404 Error Image

    Google 404 Error Image

    Just because I appreciate the robot assembling itself. Yup. That’s all Google knows.

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  • Still More Proof that SEO Can’t Fix Stupid

    Still More Proof that SEO Can’t Fix Stupid

    The New York Times recently did a piece exposing JC Penney for its spam-inflated search results in Google. I wonder if Bing copied that? Either way, the article makes for yet another interesting analysis of greed and stupidity in search. Somewhere, someone decided it was...

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