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The future of search is now

1. Data Inspired Decisions:
Data will continue to become an area where brands need to excel

2. Getting Personal:
Brands are getting better at personalization

3. Expectation Economy:
Exceeding consumer expectations is an ongoing challenge

4. Connected Commerce:
We are firmly in the era of commerce anytime anywhere

5. Organizational Agility:
Success in the digital economy requires an examination of how we work

6. Interface Zero:
Voice is the new way we interface with the work creating challenges for brands

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Credit Cards that Give to Others?

For some reason I really like the idea of affinity credit cards when it comes to charities. But which one to choose is always a challenge since there are so many worthy causes. A few banks, including Capital One, Bank of America and U.S. Bank, offer programs that link check and debit cards to charity, though those contributions are much smaller, typically about 0.2 percent of signature-based (nonPIN) transactions. Wondering if there are better deals for charitable credit cards out there? Have to do some comparison shopping I guess …  There’s probably an app for that too.

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Promo Choice on Charge Cards?

I have had many different types of credit card benefits over the years. Right now I’m using a cash-back program because I got fed up with the travel cards. But airlines kept changing the rules. Since I’m 3-hours away from a major airport, the regional carriers really made it difficult to use the benefits, and when a regional airline got acquired, I’ve lost points along the way.

Just wondering what other people use? I think Clark Howard would recommend a no-fee card. So many choices, so little time …

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SEO Still Can’t Fix Stupid

There are many layers of stupid to account for in this particular blog post. First, buying text links is not considered a search engine optimization (SEO) best practice. Google and Matt Cutts tend to frown on it. Consequently, selling text links is a worst practice, too. Pairing either tactic with free advertisement monies granted by LinkedIn is just plain dim-witted in a most doltish sort of way.

SEO Can't Fix Stupid

Spamming LinkedIn Ads to sell links from casino sites does not qualify as a savvy Link Building Tactic

And finally, if you think you can improve your websites rankings in Google by purchasing text links from casino gambling sites, then you just might not understand that SEO still can’t fix stupid.

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What’s the Frequency?

What’s the Frequency, Kenneth? is a song by the alternative rock group R.E.M. from their 1994 album Monster. The title of the song is not original to the band. It refers to an incident in New York City in 1986, where news anchor Dan Rather was reportedly attacked by assailants who, in between beatings, would ask, “what’s the frequency, Kenneth?”

Since then, “what’s the frequency, Kenneth?” has become an inside joke about search engine results that don’t appear to make a great deal of sense, just like the Dan Rather throw-down. Hence, the introduction of Frequency Search, a blog where you can go to figure out just what the search frequency is and how you can fine tune the signals your site is sending.

So welcome to Frequency Search. I hope you enjoy the read.

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