Four Fun & Easy Link Building Tactics

Link building strategies can be exceedingly complex, but you can always break them into small, easy to implement, basic business tactics that can make your search engine optimization (SEO) objectives readily attainable.

Improve Upon Existing Links
Nothing is easier than reaching out to someone who already took the time to link to you, but did not use any anchor text when coding the back link. It’s easy to figure out who is linking to you with blank images or suboptimal anchor text. A few changes from popular online destinations can make all the difference in  the world when the right anchor text is applied. There are many back link analysis tools available. Try one from WebConfs, SEO SpyGlass, Open Site Explorer, or SEOmoz, today.

Testify! Turn Vendors & Business Partners Into Linkers
Testimonials provide a great example of relationship-based link building tactics. Testimonials allow you to identify a product or service provider you’re happy with, write about it on a blog or elsewhere on you website, and get a few deep links back in return from the vendor or business partner. Turn these relationships into white papers or studies and you add even more links to the business relationship. And if you promote these partnerships in social media venues, then you will add even more residual back links to the mix.

Think About Thought Leaders for Links
One of the key ways to build relationships (and eventually links) is to tell people when you like their blog posts, articles, tools, or ideas.  The reality is that people who blog appreciate constructive feedback and want to connect with people who share (or can constructively challenge) their particular thoughts and perspectives. Putting together a blog outreach program to connect with thought leaders in a particular industry is a great way to obtain highly targeted niche specific back links.

Interact Within Your Neighborhood
Finding the people who care and talk about your subject matter and then interacting with them is a powerful link building tactic.  Community participation can lead to securing a good volume of back links because good neighbors tend to get links back to their blogs or Twitter and Facebook profiles when they speak out on behalf of the community.

Link building can be fun, but it’s easiest when you break it down into small, actionable items.

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