Mobile Beacons:
Near-Me Miss or Near-Term Hit?

What do you think when you think of beacons?

Sometimes, I think of the scene from Lord of the Rings when Gondor sends an unintentional signal to Rohan asking them for military aid. In the scene, a beacon is a fire or light set up in a high or prominent position and acts as both a warning and a signal for assistance.

Other times, I think of the days when a lonely lighthouse keeper would keep a light burning as a warning signal for even lonelier mariners at sea to help guide them through a turbulent sea.

In actuality, mobile beacons now look like oddly shaped bubble gum-like devices that are stuck on walls, beckoning you — the lonely mobile shopper — to come and buy something you desire.

In this article I wrote for Search Engine Watch, I take a look at Apple iOS9 and how it could impact the holiday sales season. Please consider reading the entire article and join in the conversation today: Are beacons the most disruptive force in mobile search?

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