Gone to the Dark Side of SEO?

Content creation budget got you down? Build in new economic efficiencies by using the exact same content across as many domains as your budget can spawn. Invest in machine-generated content instead of having to listen to those troublesome user reviews. Make “Spamglish” the official language of your website. Since you don’t have to worry about looking at what keywords Google allows to send traffic to your Frankensite, feel free to target irrelevant keywords on as many pages as possible.

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Halloween Inspired SEO Tricks to Keep Spiders at Bay

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Handy Tool for Google TNP Tracking

Google started hoarding data back in 2011 under the guise of “privacy” issues for users What was originally forecast to represent about 8% of keyword data is now encroaching on 75 percent, with B2B sites skewing higher than B2C.

Google Term Not Provided Counter

Handy tool for tracking Google's historic "term not provided" data hoarding.

More recently,Google changed its keyword research tool set to Keyword Planner under its pay-per-click empire, further obfuscating views into mobile keyword research.

Why does Google keep hording data?

Because it can.

Google’s “do no evil” mantra is a matter of perspective. Apparently only Google gets to make money off from other people’s data, like it already makes money off from other peoples content.

I guess only Google gets to help make data driven marketing decisions?

Come on Bing & Yahoo!  It’s time for a market shift.

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Promo Choice on Charge Cards?

I have had many different types of credit card benefits over the years. Right now I’m using a cash-back program because I got fed up with the travel cards. But airlines kept changing the rules. Since I’m 3-hours away from a major airport, the regional carriers really made it difficult to use the benefits, and when a regional airline got acquired, I’ve lost points along the way.

Just wondering what other people use? I think Clark Howard would recommend a no-fee card. So many choices, so little time …

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The Elephant in the Room for Big Brand Content Marketing Initiatives

When creating content at the enterprise-level, fostering collaboration among copywriters, creative, user experience, web dev, and marketing teams early in the content creation process is the key for building content marketing success stories. The only problem remains wrangling control for playing the role as the narrator of our story. Allowing SEO to take the lead in content development initiatives for big brands can often lead to making uncommon compromises.

Read more about The Content Marketing Elephant & the Enterprise at Search Engine Watch today!

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Enterprise SEO in 2013 … And Beyond

It’s time to adjust our concept of search engine success and realign our online marketing strategies and priorities by engaging searchers with content created around client needs that are also beholden to greater business goals.

These are the primary challenges for enterprise search in 2013:

  • Can your organization realign its search engine marketing goals to focus on resolving real business issues this year and beyond?
  • Will your organization transcend conventional departmental barriers to produce tangible business results?
  • How can you get your SEO team to stop tormenting themselves about perceived ranking shifts when more than 40 percent of search engines referrals can’t be attributed to a keyword or phrase?

These are types of questions the enterprise needs to ponder if search is to be successful in 2013. Read the rest of my recommendations for Enterprise SEO in 2013 over at Search Engine Watch.

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