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    Google Compare Launches Car Insurance Quotes in California

    We believe the rapid changes in the auto insurance industry are far from over. Patterns of distribution will continue to shift. Insurance agencies will have to further adapt their business models as and the auto insurance continues to evolve toward a highly digitized experience. Those...

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  • Going Inside Google Search Updates

    Going Inside Google Search Updates

    It’s important to remember that some of the biggest changes in Google search results were not named all named after animals. As a matter of fact, some major changes in Google search algorithms this year have been named after nothing at all. When analyzing Google’s...

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  • Google Kills?

    Google Kills?

    Oh dear! I suppose it was bound to happen sooner or later. One of Google’s street mapping cars apparently killed a deer. On closer inspection, it appears to be a fawn. That’s not going to site well with PETA. Find the rest of the stills...

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  • Overreaching Over Optimization Penalties?

    Overreaching Over Optimization Penalties?

    It is true that when I first read about Google’s warnings for its forthcoming over-optimization penalty I checked the calendar to make certain it wasn’t April 1. Reassured that the idea of an over-optimization penalty was not some sort of bad April Fool’s gag, it...

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  • SEO Voice of Reason

    SEO Voice of Reason

    Vanessa Fox, the perennial voice of reason about search engine optimization, talks about Google’s Upcoming Algorithm Change: “Overly-Optimized Sites” and Matt Cutts. As usual, it’s not so much what Google’s chief spam cop says or where is says it, it’s what he does not say....

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