Still TMI: Google Instant

What would a weekend be without a few naysayers and wannabees proselytizing their opines on www? (That’s weekend wild web, but the way.) At least the developers have been busy rooting around Google Chrome. For now, it  looks like the online media buzz saw has run through Google Instant … until tomorrow.

11 Sept 2010
Google Instant integration lands in Chrome Canary
Just announced on Tuesday, Google Instant has already been integrated into Google Chrome’s Omnibar (though only in the Canary build for now). [ . . . ]

Whoa. Google Instant is already in Chrome!
(Same story; cooler headline.) Google OS has reported that the dev channel and canary build of Chrome have already support for Google Instant! [ . . . ]

8 Google Instant Tips
Google Instant could be a revolution in Internet navigation. Or it could the 21st Century’s Microsoft Clippy. Either way, it’s fun to play with. Read on to find out how to get more from the latest from the wizards of Mountain View. [ . . . ]

Why is Google so condescending?
Google’s Gabriel Stricker, director of Global Communications and Public Affairs, opened the Google Instant launch this week. And he was incredibly condescending to the audience. [ . . . ]

Will Google’s Candy Cause Cavities or More Sweet Tooths?
This last week, Google released some of its own candy as well. No, they aren’t jumping into the sugar business. Their new product is more along the lines of eye candy. Google Instant is probably one of the most significant changes Google has made to its user interface since launching. [ . . . ]

12 September 2010
Google Instant Pressures Bing, Yahoo
Google Instant could give Microsoft Bing and Yahoo trouble in the search engine market because it accelerates time to search results. This means more searches and possibly more search ad clicks for Google. [ . . . ]

Test Link Ads are Back!
But it seems that with the new Google algorithm’s being rolled out in the last few weeks that is now back in the search results for both domains including the and using Google Instant, it’s actually recommending you should check it out as it offers it as the primary instant result. [ . . . ]

Google Instant will not affect SEO
Google Instant returns refined search entries for each and every letter typed in the Google search engine. For instance, typing “fl” would prompt a search suggestion for “Flickr.” [ . . . ]

Google Instant Serving Up Instant Trash For The Kids
Ok, been saving my comments about Google Instant, but got a SERP “instant” result today that was to good to keep to myself. I missed the Sundevils game last night, so I wanted to check out the score this morning. I go to Google and start typing in …. well, see for yourself. [ . . . ]

And beyond …
Is Instant a distraction from Google’s flaws?
Is Google Instant really little more than a convenient distraction that masks Google’s flaws? Some are essentially arguing just that. [ . . . ]

The Five Words You Can Never Suggest On Google Instant
Like it or not, lots of people search for nude celebrities on Google. But with Google’s new Google Instant Search, those inclined to seek celebs in the buff have to figure out their queries without any help from Google. [ . . . ]

7 Reasons Why Google Instant Makes SEO Dead-on Relevant
Steve Rubel honed in on the question on everyone’s lips, “how does Google Instant effect SEO?”SEW explains [ . . . ]

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TMI Day 2: Google Instant Roundup

Again today, we offer you some of the best and worst articles on the web about Google Instant search. From the power of suggestion to Google Instant A to Z, we take a quick look back at some of the more interesting articles that piqued our curiosity.

Google Instant – 10 Things Marketing Teams Need to Know
Ben Gomes, Distinguished Engineer at Google, had a great phrase to summarize the announcement, “Google Instant seems so obvious, that in retrospect, you’ll wonder if search could have been any other way.” [ . . . ]

Bing exec: Google Instant may be fast, but Bing results are smarter
Not to take anything away from the top-flight Google engineers responsible for Google Instant, but a young Australian tech geek, named Long Zheng , tweaked Microsoft’s Bing search engine to do the same basic functions back in August 2009. [ . . . ]

How The “Focus On First” Helps Hide Google’s Relevancy Problems
In January, I was invited to speak to Google’s search quality team about issues I had with Google’s search results.  [ . . . ]

Google Instant And The Power Of Suggestion
It’s going to be a long time (weeks or months) until anyone has a complete understanding of how Google Instant will change search and search marketing. [ . . . ]

Google Instant means linear targeting of search results
With everyone flapping about the who’s and why’s of Google Instant there are some of us thinking about how to game the system. [ . . . ]

Enough with the “SEO is Dead” Crap
My pet peeves related to the SEO industry change on a regular basis but right now it is definitely the “SEO is Dead” headline [ . . . ]

Google Instant – 10 Things Marketing Teams Need to Know
Google Instant took flight yesterday from the ashes of some mysterious logos and via a live transmission on Google’s Official Youtube Channel. [ . . . ]

Google Adds Capacity for Instant Launch
What would a “tremendous increase in server capacity” at Google look like?
[ . . . ]

YouTube Instant trumps Google Instant
So it saves us some eleven hours? What do we do with all that time?  [ . . . ]

Is Google Instant ad trying to annoy Steve Jobs?
If you were launching the first step into implanting your product permanently into someone’s brain, would you employ Bob Dylan? [ . . . ]

Google Instant Sparks Music Video Meme With ‘We Didn’t Start The Fire’
Since Google unveiled the new “Google Instant” this week, people have already been coming up with some pretty creative ways to use it. [ . . . ]

The Left’s Lie About Reagan; Google Instant
Okay … the funny thing is that Mayer kept 1) checking her phone and 2) nodding off during the SF Symphony’s performance.  [ . . . ]

Google Instant will force marketers to use shorter terms, say experts
Google Instant, launched September 8 with the intention of quickening the search process for consumers, will force marketers to create shorter searchable terms on the Web [ . . . ]

Does Google Instant Mark the End of SEO?
A reporter (I believe she was from AdAge) attending Google’s Q&A about Google Instant pointed out that the new search feature tends to favor big brands. [ . . . ]

Google Instant and Apple Ping?
For all the hype, they’ll change nothing. [ . . . ]

Google Instant: A Guided Tour Through The Alphabet
Just for fun, I checked to see what the first suggestion would be to each letter of the alphabet. [ . . . ]

How Much Faster is Google Instant?
Google Instant likes to think it’s pretty fast, but how fast is it really? We pitted regular old Google against Google Instant, complete with its time-saving shortcuts, for a head-to-head comparison. [ . . . ]

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TMI Day 1: Google Instant

The buzz machine for Google Instant went atomic today with much, much, much ado about what could be nothing or really something …

Google Instant, behind the scenes, Official Google Blog
Yesterday we introduced Google Instant, a change to make search fast and interactive by showing you results instantly as you type. With Instant we’ve turned search from a static HTML page into an AJAX application, just as we did with Google Maps and Gmail. You can learn more about Google Instant in yesterday’s blog post, but we also wanted to share a peek behind the scenes into some of the engineering challenges we faced in design and infrastructure. [ . . . ]

SEO Is Here To Stay, It Will Never Die
Google’s press conference about Google Instant hadn’t even ended yesterday when the question of “is SEO dead” started coming up on Twitter, in blog posts and was even asked about formally during the event’s Q&A (the answer was no, twice over, by the way). No, Google Instant isn’t killing SEO. In fact, nothing’s going to kill [ . . . ]

Yahoo Had Instant Search In 2005 & Dropped It; Bing Kind Of Has It Now
On September 15, 2005, Yahoo launched an innovative search tool called Yahoo Instant Search. [ . . . ]

Google Instant Effect vs. Affect
Google Instant was rolled out to the world yesterday, which changes the way search results appear. [ . . . ]

Google Instant Is Not The Terminator Google Instant Is Not The Terminator
Google made a change. People are outraged. They have too much data already, your information will never be private again, they’re a monopoly, they’re closer to being self-aware! [ . . . ]

Google Instant: Revolutionary or Much Ado About Nothing?
In case you haven’t played with it already, it takes Google’s autosuggest one step further. [ . . . ]

Google Instant and How it Changes SEO
Google Instant was launched on September 8th and has created hype around the effect it will have on search marketing – both organic and paid  [ . . . ]

Google Instant Means 5 Big Changes for Search Marketers
Google recently unveiled Google Instant, which displays search results to a user as they type. The benefits of these changes, according to Google, are as follows [ . . . ]

The Side-Effects of Google Instant
If you haven’t tried Google Instant yet, you’re either not much of a Net surfer or you live outside the U.S. [ . . . ]

Google Instant to highlight the long tail not kill it
Google has made some big changes to its search capabilities with the introduction of Google Instant. S [ . . . ]

Calm Down People!! It’s NOT The End of SEO!
Google made a major announcement yesterday. They have announced the new addition of Google Instant: a faster, more interactive way to search Google’s organic results. [ . . . ]

Dear Mainstream Media – Please Remove Foot From Mouth
Google Instant. SEO is dead. Yes, I’m sick of hearing about it too. [ . . . ]

Google Instant Search: The Impact for Ecommerce Site Owners
This week Google rolled out Instant Search, a revolutionary AJAX-based technology that dynamically updates the search results page as users type in each character of their queries. [ . . . ]

Google Instant. Instant Impact?
The launch of Google Instant – the paradigm breaking new searchinterface – attracted the usual levels of hysteria that we see whenever the Big G release a change to their ranking algorithm or launch a new product. [ . . . ]

Google Instant: the search experts’ view
Google Instant is designed to make search faster and easier for users, but what effect will it have on search marketing? [ . . . ]

Google Instant: What it Means for Search Marketing
Yesterday Google implemented their new search experience, Google Instant and the SEO and Tech blogs lit up like a Christmas tree. It’s nice to see something get these folks excited for a change. [ . . . ]

How Google Instantly Made the Long Tail More Important for SEOs
The long tail is about to become super-important for your search engine optimization efforts. [ . . . ]

How Much Better Is Google Instant For Publishers?
According to Google’s launch team, Google Instant is supposed to provide more qualified visitors to publishers’ sites. I had set up Google Analytics to track Google Instant referrals [ . . . ]

Raising The Bar: Google Instant and SEO Snake Oil Don’t Mix
In all the banter and confusion about the positives and negatives about Google Instant, there is at least one common thread that is good for the SEO industry itself [ . . . ]

SEO Not Affected by Partial ‘Google Instant’ Keywords
Google said Friday that Internet marketers shouldn’t change their SEO strategies to account for partially-typed keywords using Google’s new Google Instant feature. [ . . . ]

Google Instant technology advances, not just UI changes
Google Instant was announced yesterday but the underlying technology has been under development for years. [ . . . ]

Video: Google Instant + PPC

How NOT to track Google Instant in Google Analytics
UPDATE: This technique does NOT work as Google isn’t passing through the original query as thought. We were incorrectly picking up referrals from the old Google suggest. [ . . . ]

Google Instant: What Does it Mean to a Car Dealer?
The discussion that continues to take place across the web amongst the “guru’s” is whether PPC, SEO or Local strategies are most beneficial to the dealer. With Google Instant, this argument slants heavily in favor of the paid and local camps. [ . . . ]

Google Instant Will Plunge Advertisers Into a Street-Level War for Dominance
“Just typing the letter “a” into the search box and doing nothing else auto-completes the first word as Amazon, or, AOL, depending on browser history and geography.” [ . . . ]

How Google Instant Could Reinvent Channel Flipping
Google unveiled its new Instant search feature, which autoloads search results as you type. I’m skeptical about claims that it will save fifty kajillion man-hours once you add up all the milliseconds saved. Its real use cases are still on the way: local, mobile, and video search. [ . . . ]

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Introducing Google Instant

The latest and greatest announcement Google has ever made. Dat Dadda Dah! Intrducing Google Instant. Better than instance coffee with more immediacy than instant messenger. Google Instant will revolutionize the way we search … or maybe not.

About Google Instant
Read all about Google Instant in Google’s own words. [ . . . ]

Live: Google Instant Streaming Search Results Eliminate the Search Button
The Google streaming search results are here. Already leaked, and seen in the wild by users, the new Google search updates on-the-fly, as-you-type [ . . . ]

Google Instant: Impact on Search Queries
With Google Instant, you may notice an increase in impressions because your site will appear in search results as users type. [ . . . ]

Google Instant Makes SEO Irrelevant
Steve Rubel: Google today launched an ambitious effort to speed up searching. But what they really did is kill SEO. [ . . . ]

SEO is Dead and/or Irrelevant With Google Instant?
Vanessa Fox: Oh Steve. That’s not what makes search engine optimization work. That’s not what true search engine optimization is at all. Here’s what makes search engine optimization work and why Google Instant isn’t the death knell. [ . . . ]

Thoughts on Google Instant
Matt Cutts: I’ve said it before, but SEO is in many ways about change. The best SEOs recognize, adapt, and even flourish when changes happen. [ . . . ]

What Is Google Instant?
Google’s just announced Google Instant! They say it’s going to transform search forever—making it faster, better, stronger. But what is it, exactly? [ . . . ]

How Google Instant Changes the SEO Landscape
Google Instant launched. It is a new always-on search experience where Google tries to complete your keyword search by predicting what keyword you are searching for. [ . . . ]

Google Instant searches before you finish typing
Search giant Google on Wednesday introduced instant search results that promise to save users time. [ . . . ]

Google Instant Search: The Google Alphabet
Google’s new search feature, Google Instant, predicts what you’re going to search for and giving you that information before you even finish typing. [ . . . ]

MSNBC video: Picking the brains behind Google Instant

Google Instant: A Mobile App Approach to Search
Google launched today a revision of its core search technology called Google Instant. Instant turns search into an application; on a single page it combines the traditional process of entering a query into a box, hitting return, and landing on a new page populated with search results. Instant acts and feels like a mobile app, and in my opinion would make more sense if it was one. Instead, it was launched as an tweak to Google’s web site. [...]

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