Google’s Mouse-Driven Relevancy Patent

[Covario Blog : Actionable Insights]  Last month Google was awarded a patent on a filing made in 2005. This particular Google patent [#7,756,887] is all about using behavioral data that is used to help refine search results. This month, we’ve been able to corroborate its use in Google one-box results.

Google’s search results tuning algorithms allocate different weights to different time periods. For example, hovering over one particular spot of a search results page for a longer period of time is equivalent to searchers forming a more positive opinion about the indexed listing.  So a searcher that hovers over a search engine snippet as if using the mouse to read the listing line-by-line infers a very high level of attention and consequently, more time spent over a particular spot on the search results pages. This is also another great reason to write compelling meta descriptions when optimizing your website.

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