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  • Overreaching Over Optimization Penalties?

    Overreaching Over Optimization Penalties?

    It is true that when I first read about Google’s warnings for its forthcoming over-optimization penalty I checked the calendar to make certain it wasn’t April 1. Reassured that the idea of an over-optimization penalty was not some sort of bad April Fool’s gag, it...

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  • Google 404 Error Image

    Google 404 Error Image

    Just because I appreciate the robot assembling itself. Yup. That’s all Google knows.

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  • Still More Proof that SEO Can’t Fix Stupid

    Still More Proof that SEO Can’t Fix Stupid

    The New York Times recently did a piece exposing JC Penney for its spam-inflated search results in Google. I wonder if Bing copied that? Either way, the article makes for yet another interesting analysis of greed and stupidity in search. Somewhere, someone decided it was...

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  • The Real 2010 ‘Search Events’

    The Real 2010 ‘Search Events’

    I’m not a fan of real housewives, real New Jerseyites, or made-for-tv real life dramas. So it’s a bit odd that I would title this post The Real 2010 ‘Search Events’ and actually mean it, or for that matter, expect anyone else to read it....

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  • 2011 Predictions Vizualized

    2011 Predictions Vizualized

    Being a regular Search Engine Land reader I was pleasantly surprised to find a wonderful round-up of online marketing predictions for 2011. But I’m a highly visually oriented, so I decided to take a few of the foremost predictors’ prognostications and create a few beautiful...

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