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    On Site Moves and Search

    Even the smallest site move can have big ramifications for search referral traffic. The greatest challenge to producing a successful site move is to create a holistic game plan. Information technology, marketing, Web development, corporate communications, paid and natural search players are all specialists on...

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  • Enterprise SEO in 2013 … And Beyond

    Enterprise SEO in 2013 … And Beyond

    It’s time to adjust our concept of search engine success and realign our online marketing strategies and priorities by engaging searchers with content created around client needs that are also beholden to greater business goals. These are the primary challenges for enterprise search in 2013:...

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  • 10 Guidelines to Producing Search Engine Optimal URLs

    10 Guidelines to Producing Search Engine Optimal URLs

    Describe the Content: An obvious URL is a great URL. If a user can look at the address bar or a pasted link in a Tweet or blog post, and make an accurate guess about the content of the page before ever reaching it, then...

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  • Overreaching Over Optimization Penalties?

    Overreaching Over Optimization Penalties?

    It is true that when I first read about Google’s warnings for its forthcoming over-optimization penalty I checked the calendar to make certain it wasn’t April 1. Reassured that the idea of an over-optimization penalty was not some sort of bad April Fool’s gag, it...

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  • SEO Voice of Reason

    SEO Voice of Reason

    Vanessa Fox, the perennial voice of reason about search engine optimization, talks about Google’s Upcoming Algorithm Change: “Overly-Optimized Sites” and Matt Cutts. As usual, it’s not so much what Google’s chief spam cop says or where is says it, it’s what he does not say....

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