Google+ Brands in 30-Seconds or Less

There are two primary ways people can interact with Google+ Brand Pages:

  1. The +1 button: The +1 button is analogous to Facebook’s ‘Like’ button and allows Google+ users to indicate that they support or recommend a particular brand’s Google+ page.
  2. Circles: Give fans the ability to take a more Twitter-like approach by following a favorite brand in Google+ space.

Which method of interaction will prove to be most pertinent or most popular?

Both have content sharing capabilities that mimic Facebook and Twitter so in my opinion, it doesn’t really matter, these are the two pertinent Google+ metrics of the moment. What is of interest is Google’s glaring lack of originality and innovation in the social sphere.

As suspected when Google decommissioned [+] from its repertoire of search query operators, Google Direct Connect functionality makes it easy to discover Google+ pages for brands. To discover some brand pages for yourself simply go to Google and search for [+], followed by the page you’re interested in (like +Cabelas). Then you can ‘Like’ them or ‘Plus’ them or ‘Circle’ them or ignore them as you please.

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