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  • Google+ Brands in 30-Seconds or Less

    Google+ Brands in 30-Seconds or Less

    There are two primary ways people can interact with Google+ Brand Pages: The +1 button: The +1 button is analogous to Facebook’s ‘Like’ button and allows Google+ users to indicate that they support or recommend a particular brand’s Google+ page. Circles: Give fans the ability...

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  • Back-to-School for SEO

    Back-to-School for SEO

    Major retailers are turning to social media to promote back-to-school goods in a fresh way, but most need a remedial course in search engine optimization. [Read] Back-to-School for SEO

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  • Measuring Social Media Optimization

    Measuring Social Media Optimization

    In its simplest form, SEO is a three-step process: break down crawling barriers to help the engines efficiently index a Web site; craft keyword-targeted content that appeals to search engines and visitors alike; and, most critical, practice link-building for targeted terms and phrases. Social media...

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